How can you learn to speak English with the help of ten Web – Series?

How can you learn to speak English with the help of ten Web – Series?

When you watch any video in English Language with subtitle then you improve reading and listening to the English language. Listening is very important for the command in the English Language because so many words assembled in our subconscious mind and these words help to speak English fluently. 

Web Series is very helpful to learn and speak English because nowadays web series is so much interesting rather than English movies. The English movies would have a long time such as one and more than two hours but web series would have a total minimum of 8 to 10 episodes and it happens per episode maximum approx 20 minutes.

You can watch different types of web series in different platforms such as Netflix, Prime videos & Hotstar etc. I prefer firstly to Netflix because Netflix original content of English language is very interesting and so many web series gets in this platform.

The children can watch so many English cartoons on Disney Hotstar such as The Jungle Book, Robin Hood & The Great Mouse Detective, etc.

I am suggesting some English Web Series and you can watch.

  1. FRIENDS — This is a story of 6 friends comedy and emotional drama.
  2. SUITS ——-   This is a story of advocate’s legal and professional techniques.
  3. MAD MEN–This is an American drama and the main character is the womanizing advertising executive.

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