How can I concentrate on learning English?

How can I concentrate on learning English?

There are four ways which you need to follow if you want to learn the English Language and this is the four ways names such as:

  1. L stands for Listening.
  2. R stands for Reading.
  3. W stands for Writing.
  4. S stands for Speaking.

LSRD is the best process to focus on and learn any language. If you are good reader, you can develop your vocabulary part and reading is a very strong and important habit to learn the English Language because when we are reading to any messages, Novels, study books or any other materials so improve 3 skills, first is improve readings skill, second is improve listening skills and third is improve speaking skill and it will also improve your writing skills because while reading you can understand the correct way of writing so you want to improve writing please write one and two pages on a daily basis.

I have explained reading and writing then I want to give some tips on improving listening English language. This also so much works to learning the English Language. You can watch some English videos that will help to enhance your communication skills as you can learn the correct accent through watching videos.

The last topic is speaking the English language and you can improve speaking skills just need to practice it every day. You don’t have to think that your speaking accent is good or bad or your English Grammar isn’t right. You just open your mouth and speak English because until you won’t speak English. You can’t remove hesitation regarding the English language. 

You can watch movies and really pay attention to what the actors say and just choose any topic you are interested in listening to.

To be honest, 1 month is a short time period to master your spoken English. However, I am assuming that you do have a basic understanding of the language and just want to hone your speaking skills. For writing skills, write journals every day. Write whatever comes to your mind, before going to bed or as soon as you wake up.

You work on your grammar, practice a lot, Do exercises based on tenses, punctuations, articles, reported speech etc.

Read books, to develop an imagination, to express better, to polish your vocabulary. Watch English movies, English News Channels, it develops a better understanding of the language. For vocabulary, take note of any new word you come across, look for its meaning in the dictionary. Make sentences using it. The best way to develop a good vocabulary.

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